Thursday, 14 August 2014

A day at the zoo


Today me and Freddy went to the zoo. Me and Freddy got in for free be sauce it was the 40th anniversary.

First we walked a long way to the Canadian Domain.

We saw Lynxes, cougars, bald eagles, grizzly bear, some moose, bison, elk and some raccoons.

We walked back up and saw a Warthog. Then we went on a trail I Sfrica we saw hyenas, white lions, hippo, baboon, rhinos, antelope, stork, vulture and a peacock. At the end of the trail we went in a pavilion and we saw lots of animals. After that we went to see the Giant Pandas.

By Alfie

Then we went inside and looked at the Jelly fish then we took a long walk.

The jelly fish looked like floating mushrooms.




  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day. I love the photos where you have inserted your heads!

  2. We know when there is a photo for mummy to take of us

  3. Tell your dad I love jellyfish. Get the tank for home!! Zoo looked great, have just read that Britain only has one polar bear so lucky you. Super duper photos. xx